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The colors of india 

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An eventful day with Carl Zoch on Mt Emerson, located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, full of amazing light, rock, and tamales.

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" You should make yourself into what you want to be. You’re only here for a short time. And even if you get reincarnated you’re not going to remember this time now but in vague echoes. You should make yourself into what you want to be even if people around you think it’s impossible or tragedy strikes you. Tragedy striking you is the very reason to do this because life is too much bullshit to let it have it’s way with you all the time. You don’t owe angry people explanations and you don’t have to check first with people to see if what you want is legitimate. Plenty of people fail playing it extra safe and they all say the same thing, “should have done…” You can be one of those people, fine. But if you live out your life and all you have going for it are stellar employee performance reviews, just….god damn man. It’s not even your name on the building. "


Dig Yourself

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I don’t fall in love with the wilderness anymore - it does nothing for me.
Instead, I fall in love with the pine trees, because of their scent and the noise they make when wind rushes through them.
I fall in love with alpine meadows with a trail leading up to a lake.
I fall in love with the clear blue waters of high mountain streams, and miss shaped lakes.
And I fall so deeply in love tall mountains, the way they cast their shadows, their simplicity.
I don’t just fall in love with the wilderness, I fall in love with each and every part, because they bring out something different.

I still fall in love with the wilderness, I just pay more attention to the details than I ever did before


WINTER IS COMING, Iceland (by Jan Erik Waider)

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A big welcome to the newest member of the climbing gym! @uafairbanks #creativesetting #climbing (at UAF DRAW)


Shooting Barrels by AdamBarkerPhotography

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Jay Nelson’s tiny house in Hawaii | via The Shelter Blog | hat tip Tiny House Community

Jay Nelson is an artist and maker curating his work here on Tumblr:

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You may know Jay from works such as the Golden Gate | more Jay Nelson

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Mandalas for days - Sophia W-B

My beautiful mountains on the drive to McCarthy

First blueberries of the season :)


untitled by 油姬 on Flickr.

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